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Our Story

Behind the world of Cheshire Chocolate Company is the innovative work of owner and founder, Kristina Castleberry.  From dreamer to artist to herbalist to baker to chocolate-truffle-potion maker, Kristina is passionately focused on health, sustainability, and connecting with her community.  Making magic in the kitchen and in the moment, Kristina enjoys sharing the sensory experience of chocolate.  She appreciates the nuances, flavors, fragrances, textures, and energetic benefits of whole foods.  Her favorite part of the process is combining complex flavors.  Kristina's adventurous nature and refined taste have brought something truly different to the world of chocolate desserts!  It is in her nature to continuously improve upon and experiment with recipes, bringing you the highest quality, mind-blowing, & delicious creations that are truly good for the body and mind.

Our Products