Custom Box of 15 Truffles


Your choice of 15 truffles. Please email me with your selection

Product Description

Create your own custom box of 15 chocolates.

Choose from the following options:

Vegan: (made with raw organic coconut nectar)

Peruvian Dark Chocolate
Chiapas Coffee
Mexican Mocha (spicy)
Peppermint Nib
Vegan Caramel with Peruvian Dark Chocolate Ganache
Almond Matcha
Sage & Olive Oil

Dairy Free: (made with a combination of raw honey & raw organic coconut nectar)

Costa Rican Dark Chocolate
Immune Booster- Turmeric, Ginger, Honey & Toasted Coconut, dipped in Costa Rican Dark Chocolate
Honey Coconut
Honey Masala Chai Coconut
Bee Pollen, Honey & Toasted Coconut
Kaffir Lime & Coconut Cream
The Zinger (not to be consumed by pregnant women)- Lemongrass, Cashews & Coconut Cream
The Woodsman – crickets, sumac, pine nuts & chaga mushrooms

Predominantly Organic Ingredients!

Contains: Coconut
Created on equipment that comes into contact with cashews & almonds

Ready to ship in 1-3 business day from United States (US)

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Shipping Policy

Weather dependent. Will check addressee and send when permissible.


Refund Policy

If not satisfied, will refund


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