June 2016 | Asheville, NC – Edibly was selected as one of the 15 high growth ventures to participate in the Elevate Program, a mentoring program of Venture Asheville, composed of professionals and business leaders dedicated to providing skills and resources to support and grow startups with the potential of national scalability and local jobs.

What makes Edibly so unique with such great potential?

Edibly’s goal is to expand its network of local and regional farmers and independent food artisans across the country by providing a solution to a common problem for small-scale, small batch food producers – availability of an easy to use, efficient, cost effective platform to sell their products online directly to consumers.  

Edibly is unique because it focuses upon the relationship with the farmer and food artisan, providing them the platform, features and support they need to grow their businesses and expanding their reach online.  By using the Edibly platform, each farmer and food artisan can spend more time on their farm and in their craft producing high quality, fresh, gourmet and specialty foods.  

Edibly was founded by local Asheville farmer, Steven Stedillie and a trained botanist with a degree in Botany/Plant Biology from Metropolitan State University of Denver.  His education and experience make him uniquely qualified to understand the needs of farmers and food artisans. For full profile, click here.

Each vendor on the Edibly website gains access to an online store, support in setting up their store, adding and maintaining their products and plenty of support in both an online Seller Support Forum as well as tips and information provided by Edibly.  

Whether an individual, family, restaurateur, chef or wholesaler, Edibly is able to expand their selection of food choices of local, regional and independent food producers.  For those with special dietary or health needs, Edibly is a one-stop shopping source providing access and convenience 24/7.

Care to grow and invest with Edibly?  Contact us for details.