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It's important to me to shop local but with two small children, hitting the local farmer's market every weekend just isn't a possibility. Edibly allows me to support small, local vendors from my home and get fresh products delivered. It's a game changer!
Edibly made it easy for me to be the hostess with the mostest! I love finding unique, artisan foods that I can serve at all of my parties!
I love how easy Edibly makes it for me to support artisan food makers. It's a great way to find unique local products that you may never see in your grocery store!
We found the best gluten-free bread options for myself and many other gluten/wheat sensitive friends and family attending my wedding. Edibly’s exceptional customer service is what keeps me coming back!
Can’t believe the amazing quality and selection of products on here. And they’ll even ship most of it right to my door. And they provided amazing customer service!
Edibly is the absolute best and one of my favorite places to shop online. Since I stumbled on the website 6 months ago, I’ve found at least 5 companies whose products have become a regular part of my grocery shopping (and all from the comfort of my couch). I cannot recommend Edibly enough for its product selection, user interface and ease of use.
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local food has never been so close
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