Frequently Asked Questions


Shopping FAQs


Buying from Edibly

Buying from Edibly is simple. Browse and add items to your cart.  There are multiple Vendors on the Edibly website.  A confirmation will be sent for each Vendor so you will receive multiple confirmations. The Vendors will also receive a confirmation and process your order.  

To have the best shopping experience on Edibly, we encourage you to Create an Account where you can view your orders, re-order and create wishlists of items you are considering buying but not yet ready to buy.  

If you are having any issues, we encourage you to Chat with Us, Email Us (support@edibly.co) and of course, come right back here.


Why did I receive multiple email confirmations?

You received multiple email confirmations because you ordered products from more than 1 Vendor.  Each order is processed individually by the farmer or food artisan. It ensures our ability to keep your costs down while ensuring quicker receipt of your order.


Returns and Refunds

Because Edibly is a marketplace of independent shops, refunds, returns, and exchanges are handled by each Vendor.  Each Vendor sets their own policies regarding returns and refunds, and these policies are displayed on each Vendor’s policies page.  If there is a problem with an order, you should contact the Vendor first.  If you have issues with an order and are unable to resolve it directly with the Vendor, please file a claim with Edibly at support@edibly.co.  Edibly will work with the buyer and the Vendor to resolve the issues. If a buyer does not file a claim, Edibly cannot get involved.


Why Create an Account on Edibly?

Click here to create an account (for customer or seller)

Create an account on Edibly and you will:

  • Automatically be joined to receive our Edibly Roots blog
  • View your orders and status
  • Reorder easily and quickly
  • If you are also a Vendor, you can then setup your own store and get started selling!
  • Direct Message Vendors


How to Create an Account on Edibly

Click here for our “How to Create an account on Edibly” video.

Click on “Sign Up” link in the the top right of the website.

You can choose either Customer or Vendor account.

If you setup an account as a Vendor, you can then setup your store.  You can also browse and shop on Edibly as well.


How to Create a Wishlist

Create a Wishlist if you’re not ready to purchase yet but don’t want to lose the item:  

    • Create an account on Edibly (click here)
    • Browse and click on the little “heart” on the product.  You can create different wishlists and add items to each one.
    • When you’re ready, log back into your account and click on the Wishlist in the top right corner
    • Proceed to ordering!


How to Reorder

If you created an account with Edibly, it’s easy to reorder.  

  • Simply login to your account
  • Click on “My Account” in the top right corner under your name
  • Click on the “View” button in the Recent Order section
  • Click on the item you wish to reorder
  • Add to your cart and proceed!


Vendor FAQ’s

  • If you wish Edibly to setup your Vendor store, click here to fill out our Store Setup Form.
  • If you wish Edibly to setup your Products, click here to fill out our Product Setup Form for each product you wish to add.
  • We have created a series of simple videos to help you setup your Vendor store. Click here to access our YouTube channel.


You can also access each video here:

Get Started

Setup your Vendor Store

Setup Shipping

Setup Local Pickup and Local Delivery

Add your Vendor Terms and Conditions

Add your Products

How to send and receive messages through your Edibly Store

How to connect your social media profiles to your Edibly Store

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