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Erie Bone Broth, LLC
About Erie Bone Broth, LLC

Hi my name is Kelly, I personally discovered Bone Broth because I had severe joint pain, later diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis . My knees were sore after running, my ankles hurt after walking long distances and my elbows hurt after playing tennis. After researching joint pain I kept coming across articles on Bone Broth. I found out bone broth fights inflammation.

It is very high in the anti-inflammatory amino acids glycine and proline. Also, the glucosamine in bone broth can actually stimulate the growth of new collagen, repair damaged joints and reduce pain and inflammation. After drinking it for a month, I started feeling better. My knees and ankles no longer hurt in the mornings. And my elbows were no longer sore. As proponents of the farm-to-table movement, I believe bone broth is not a fad but a way of life. 

Terms and Conditions
Shipping is done Monday-Thursday. Local pick up is available at our kitchen by appointment only, please email us to set a time.

Pickup,delivery and shipping details
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Our broth is shipped frozen inside an insulated liner with dry ice and freezer packs and should be refrigerated or frozen as soon as it’s delivered. Since our broth is shipped frozen solid, it should remain in the temperature safe zone until it is delivered. Your broth may arrive partially thawed and slushy be sure to refrigerate it immediately to prevent further thawing.

If you are not satisfied with our product, we will refund your money.

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