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When you shop on Edibly, you get more than edible, you get:

  • Edibly Fresh – grown by a small-scale farmer near you
  • Edibly Artisan – independent, small-batch, artisanal foods
  • Edibly Good – convenience and abundance 24/7


We all want to support our local farmers and small businesses that make artisan foods with the best ingredients – and we all want their products because we know they’re fresher and healthier. Up to now, however, there hasn’t been an easy and convenient way to make those desires a reality.

Edibly was created to do exactly that. When you shop on our website – which you can do anytime, day or night – you are always buying delicious, healthy and unique products. And you can feel good knowing that every purchase supports small business owners who grow their food in your community or who hand-craft their products using local ingredients.

Our founder, Steven Stedillie, is a small-scale organic farmer who grew frustrated by the huge amount of time he had to spend finding customers and making sales, rather than focusing on growing the highest-quality produce possible. His answer: Edibly, a unique online marketplace where artisan and farm-fresh foods can quickly, simply be bought and sold.

This new concept is good for local farmers. It’s good for artisan food producers. It’s good for wholesale purchasers and individual consumers. It’s good for our country’s economy, health and well-being.

It’s more than good. We like to think it’s Edibly good. Whether you’re a seller looking for a simple, efficient way to make your fresh products more-readily available – or a consumer who wants easy access to farm-to-fork foods – please check us out at www.edibly.co Join the revolution!


Our Values

Edibly’s values are the components that shape our culture. They are the guideposts we follow for interactions with each other and with the clients we serve. They are reflected in our thinking and our actions. They form the core of our organization.


Farmers First

Edibly was created to provide support, guidance and other assistance for small-scale food businesses (farms, independent food makers, wild foragers, etc.), so that they can sustain themselves and grow into the future.

Many such businesses currently last for just five years or less. By providing the online tools with which they can thrive, we also create an environment in which these types of businesses can better-compete and in which the consumers of their products will enjoy healthier lives.

We provide support and marketing to help introduce them to a far wider audience, in their own areas for fresh products and across the country for artisan foods that utilize those products.


Supporting Small Batch, Artisan Food Makers

Whether you call it small-batch, small-scale or independent, it’s artisan – that is, made by real people with their own hands, not in factories. In addition to expanding the availability of fresh and artisan products generally, Edibly will offer easier access for specific groups, such as Americans who want or need changes in their diet because of health issues such as, diabetes, celiac, cancer, heart disease, cardiac disease and many more. Many of the vendors on Edibly have dealt with problems like these themselves, which is exactly what motivated them to produce certain types of foods, for example, those that don’t contain gluten, sugar, lactose, soy, etc.

Edibly was created to promote health and well-being by supporting independent food producers everywhere and connecting them with more customers who are looking for exactly what they offer: fresh, artisan (never factory-made) food products.


Accessibility and Choice

Edibly is working to change America’s food system – and our relationship with farmers and other food producers – by providing an easy, innovative online platform that increases everyone’s access to a wide variety of healthy products grown or made in their own neighborhoods in local and regional markets across the country.


Be Part of the Solution ~ Our Vision for the Future

“We see Edibly becoming a phenomenon throughout the United States, one that expands people’s choices, saves them time, and enables them to live healthier, happier lives,” says Edibly founder Steven Stedillie. “In the not-too-distant future, my hope and plan is to reach those in our country who are most-deprived of fresh food products that are grown and made near their communities. I’m referring to the U.S. residents who live in so-called “food deserts,” where their only day-to-day options are convenience stores filled with processed foods.”

“Over time, I believe this platform can also connect people with local food products in other countries. It obviously won’t be the only solution to help combat malnourishment and starvation, but it can provide a valuable tool for addressing those problems for the 700 million people around the world who suffer from them. Too often, the issue is not that food doesn’t exist, but that people can’t access it. We can help to change that reality, and we’re dedicated to doing just that – first in our own country, and then around the world.”

“For us, Edibly is not just an e-commerce platform, but a solution for the future.”

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